PIVOTWorks July 2023

Meet PIVOT Coach Michelle Lorenz who turned to horses to help her heal and who, subsequently, became an equine therapist. A clinical psychologist, Michelle is also a registered yoga teacher who is helping her clients transform their lives through PIVOT’s...

PIVOTWorks May 2023

May and June is a time of change for many of our clients. Vacations, school out for the summer, weddings, and more!  I recently moved to a new home in a new city and am so grateful for the supportive loved...

PIVOTWorks April 2023

Spring is here, and this invigorating season comes with an opportunity for new beginnings and transformations. The spring season of love is not just about a partnership; it’s also about embracing family, friendships, and self-love.

PIVOTWorks March 2023

Time Is On My Side! The year 2023 is well underway – and I am finding myself slowing down to be mindful of the moments that matter. The PIVOT team recently gathered at the Glass House for an eventful week of...

PIVOTWorks February 2023

Speaking of hearts and everything red hot: Welcome to February! I admit to being a huge fan of the abundance of oversized Valentine’s Day displays prominently positioned everywhere, from drug stores to candy shops to high-style boutiques.

PIVOTWorks November 2022

When it comes to gratitude, size doesn’t matter. We can be grateful for the little things!  What’s more, random acts of kindness and generosity can greatly impact how you feel about your surroundings, as well as how you feel about...

PIVOTWorks October 2022

PIVOTing to a new path toward becoming a #HealthyAdult can also be scary. What’s even scarier is repeating the same unhealthy habits and getting the same results.

PIVOTWorks September 2022

Since childhood, we have equated education with reading, writing, and arithmetic. Who can forget racing to the store to pick up school supplies? We couldn’t miss the wide array of Back to School specials shouting out for our attention.

PIVOTWorks May 2022

I remember in 1990 when John Bradshaw released his book Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child. When I first looked through this book, the pain that lived inside me prevented me from digging deep into a healing process for my childhood...

PIVOTWorks March 2022

We understand that your journey is all yours and it won’t look like anyone else’s - because there’s no one quite like you – and never will be! That’s part of the beauty of PIVOT – we customize our accessible,...