Attachment Style Retreat

Identify and understand old patterns, set healthy boundaries, and develop actionable strategies to heal relationships at PIVOT’s Attachment Style Retreat.

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Our relationship retreats offer intensive support for those going through major relationship difficulties or chronic relationship struggles. We believe showing up as your healthiest self in relationships with yourself, family, colleagues, and community is vital to your health and happiness. 

Our approach is based on 15 years of clinical research, emphasizing a relational, attachment-oriented, and diversity-affirming process for personal and interpersonal improvement. During the relationship retreat, participants engage in individual and group therapy, psychoeducational learning, and experiential exercises. Guests leave refreshed and with a clear path forward.

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Set Aside Time to Heal at an Attachment Style Retreat

It’s important to remember that challenges in your relationships do not mean you are destined to be lonely or unhappy. PIVOT’s Attachment Style Retreat allows room for growth, change, and overcoming an insecure attachment style. 

During the retreat, PIVOT coaches will support you as you explore your personal attachment styles through individual and group exercises. You will leave the retreat with compassionate self-awareness and the tools needed to pivot away from negative patterns and toward rewarding relationships.


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What to Expect at PIVOT’s Attachment Style Retreat

PIVOT’s Attachment Style Retreat is held at the scenic Glass House Retreat Center in Northern California. 

Our all-inclusive Attachment Stye Retreat provides:

  • A serene and tranquil location to get away
  • Expert, PIVOT-certified coaches who meet each client where they are at
  • A gender-specific experience offering one-on-one and group coaching sessions
  • Yoga, meditation, and healthy meals to nurture the mind, body, and spirit
  • Actionable tools you can begin to implement right away

You will join our many clients who have transformed their approach to relationships by examining the roots of their own attachment styles. Through this unique experience, you will come away with a clear plan for building a healthier foundation.

I was going through a divorce when I came to PIVOT… Now I have a great relationship with my ex-wife and together we are able to co-parent from the healthiest versions of ourselves… Without PIVOT, we couldn’t have done that.
‒ Lee from Texas


Lives Changed

It’s hard to put into words how happy I am that I found this workshop intensive. I struggled finding the right therapist, the right support system, and recovery program, but immediately after my first session I finally felt like I was being seen and heard and understood. I struggled with relationships – getting out of ones that did not serve me and knowing what I truly wanted and needed. After doing an intensive at the Glass House, I was assigned to my PIVOT advocate who has helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. She has taught me so much about myself and given me tools to use for a lifetime. I can feel the change within myself and the way I approach all of my relationships because of the curriculum. I never want to miss a session and genuinely enjoy the work. It’s unlike any curriculum I’ve experienced and it should be taught to everyone who wants to keep growing and evolving. I’ve recommended it to close friends and friends in recovery and their lives are changed as well.

‒ Jenn R.

I truly feel transformed after that 5-day retreat

I tell other people’s stories for a living, through a podcast that I run with authors and through the interviews I run for leading brands. What I didn’t realize until I attended a Glass House retreat was that the story I really needed to uncork was my own.

Over five days at The Glass House, I reconnected with my inner child, rediscovered my teenage self, and identified the repairs I needed to make so I could become a healthy adult. I cried hard, laughed harder, now know what my non-negotiables are for my marital relationship.

Most importantly, while I have felt unseen for most of my life, I embrace that I now truly am the writer of my own story. In short, I matter. Believing this has helped me show up differently in the relationship I have with my spouse, my friends and family, my clients, and myself.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the Pivot team as well as for the other men I spent the week with. I truly feel transformed after that 5-day retreat—much more so than after being in individual therapy for over two years.

‒ Mike Carlon

Clarity I was searching for

A five day program that created the clarity I was searching for. I am now aware of my inner child & teen behaviors playing out in my adult life that has created both personal & relationship dynamics that leave me exhausted & unfulfilled. I am forever grateful to have learned how to get myself into my healthy adult! The one on one sessions combined with group sessions was a perfect blend to learn & process this new information. Infinite thank you to Lori for creating this program & all the staff for your loving support each day.

‒ Beautiful Bee

The PIVOT Team has put an amazing program together

From the time of my arrival to such a beautiful and picturesque home to my departure, everything was so organized and clearly well thought out. The modalities, staff, and processes – it was simply amazing!! While I consider myself to be aware and intentional about nurturing my mental and emotional health – there is simply no way I could have accomplished what happened there on my own.

The care, professionalism, knowledge, skills, and compassion that you and the staff possess is world class. Seriously! I believe each one of you there on staff are exactly where you should be doing the work in which you are so gifted. Your passion for helping people is very evident.

The work we did together blessed me with epiphanies and knowledge that I can now use in practical ways to improve my life and those around me. I do want to give special recognition to one of the Pivot coaches there – Kelley Hattox. I can’t say enough about the impact she has had in my life. Thank you, Kelley, for being you! Your wisdom and concern for my well-being are so appreciated.

In closing Lori Jean, I want you to know how thankful I am all that you did for me and encourage you to keep fighting the good fight. The Pivot Team changes lives and makes the world a better place. May you and the staff always be strengthened with the conviction that we do not have to live in emotional pain and suffering and that there is hope found in Pivot.

‒ Jeff G.

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Transform Your Relationships With PIVOT

PIVOT offers relationship coaching for individuals, duos, couples, and families as well as business coaching and attachment style retreats. Reach out to begin the journey to a healthier, happier life.
You can reach us at 1-855-452-0707.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does PIVOT offer?

The PIVOT Process helps individuals, duos, couples, and families understand their attachment style, create healthier relationships, and start working towards more secure attachments. 

We offer personal weekly coaching with a certified relationship coach specifically matched to your needs. For those who want immediate results, we offer an Attachment Style Retreat at the Glass House (outside of San Francisco).

2. What is the frequency of sessions per month?

You can do it at your own pace, but we generally recommend weekly sessions. You can text your coach for extra support in between sessions as well. 

3. What are the qualifications of the coaches?

Our relationship coaches are all certified in the PIVOT process. They have diverse backgrounds in therapy and other coaching models.

4. How do we differ from other programs?

We are focused on helping you strengthen your relationships quickly with our tested, proven PIVOT process. What our clients are always impressed with is how much they get from our program and how quickly they feel like they are progressing.

5. What is the format of the coaching sessions?

You typically meet your relationship coach in person or by phone. Your coach is also available between sessions by text and email — which is a game changer if you are struggling with relational changes. You will receive the curriculum for each session to study and apply to your life. You also have the option of hiring your coach for what we call a Personalized PIVOT: a one or two-day intensive session that you can do in person at The Glass House (outside of San Francisco) or from the comfort of your home!

6. How long does the program typically last?

Programs last a minimum of 3 months, but we are always here if you need us for longer than that. If you are in a challenging situation and want to repair your relationship quickly, we suggest you come to The Glass House for a retreat to get started.

7. How many clients has the PIVOT process impacted?

We have had the privilege to work with thousands of clients. You can read about some of their experiences here.

8. Where are you located?

We are located in Northern California, right outside San Francisco. Our PIVOT coaches work from all over the United States. Coaches can meet virtually or in person.

9. What should I expect at your retreat?

Our retreat is conducted at The Glass House outside of San Francisco. Groups are limited to 6 gender-specific clients, and the program offers yoga, meditation, healthy meals, and personal and group coaching.

We focus on high-impact solutions to everyday relationship challenges. Whether you’re working through losing a relationship or letting go of codependency, we will help you identify your needs and set healthy boundaries.