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Matters of the Heart

Speaking of hearts and everything red hot: Welcome to February! I admit to being a huge fan of the abundance of oversized Valentine’s Day displays prominently positioned everywhere, from drug stores to candy shops to high-style boutiques. 

Did you know that Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian feast day honoring one or two early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine? Through subsequent folk traditions, the holiday has become a global cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of love and romance.

Take Heart

The PIVOT Glass House embraces hearts all year long. Walk through The Glass House, and you’ll be dazzled by hearts in all shapes and sizes that have been gifted to us over the years as a thank you from clients who could finally feel their “hearts” blooming inside them as a result of discovering the power of self-love through the PIVOT process. 

Change of Heart

I didn’t always feel this way about Valentine’s Day.  In the past, it was often a time that made me feel uncomfortable because I had a deep unmet longing from childhood trauma, a tendency to overthink, along with experiencing an underbelly of codependency.  

So, in the past, I would think, feel, and do things like:

  • A friend didn’t have a significant other.  I felt bad, so I was reluctant to share the plans I had with my loved one.
  • The holiday felt inauthentic; however, I felt compelled to do something for someone on this precise day because it was Valentine’s Day. I would overspend and do something really outrageous!
  • I felt alone, even though I tried to assure myself that Valentine’s Day was merely a Hallmark holiday.
  • If I was single, I felt a deep unmet longing to have someone in my life.
  • If I were in a relationship – before doing personal growth work – I would have unrealistic expectations of my partner.
  • Can you relate?

With All Your Heart

Whatever you think, feel, and do on Valentine’s Day, be sure to embrace the authentic YOU. Respecting and loving yourself is among the greatest gifts you can give to those who deeply care about you. 

Regardless of your relationship status, make Valentine’s Day red hot! Do something fun and fabulous. You’re worth it, and remember that we’re here to celebrate the one and only YOU!

Take a look at our Feb. newsletter – Meet Coach Jean Martheleur, and hear from one of our recent clients about her PIVOT transformation! 

Happy Valentine’s Day. ❤️


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Coaches Corner

Coach Jean: Different Choices Key to Transforming Lives

“My happiest place is riding a horse on a trail in the mountains. I am taking lessons with Kate – my six-year-old daughter – so I get to embrace both my love for my little girl with my love of animals,” says PIVOT Coach Jean Martheleur, who has been married to her husband Eric for nearly a decade. The family also has two dogs named Leroy and Junko.

City Meets Country

However, Jean isn’t all country! “I’m from New York and a true city girl at heart. However, I also seek out and appreciate nature in a big way. Living in Washington state with my family affords us so much in the way of nature, and we take full advantage of our incredible surroundings.”

Having a dad who was a photographer helped Jean develop a deep appreciation for art, and she later went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in art history. Says Jean: “Although I don’t actually create art, I grew up in an artistic setting and thoroughly enjoy all types of museums and taking in works of art. Given my upbringing, I have a strong feeling for and understanding of art in all forms.

”When Jean moved out West, she switched gears and earned a certification in education. It was during this time that she married her love of art with her insatiable curiosity about how people learn. She landed the ideal position, working for a nonprofit that uses art to help children and young adults build critical thinking and collaborative skills.

Call Me Coach

PIVOT entered Jean’s life when she was introduced to the curriculum during a challenging time for her extended family. At the time, Jean had taken time off to raise her daughter and was seeking her next calling. “In the midst of our family intensive, I was like ‘on my gosh this is exactly what I need to do with the skill set I have.’ I saw firsthand that this work works,” says Jean.

She was instantly attracted to the inner workings of PIVOT.  “While my family and I were doing our work, I was also observing how the curriculum was being rolled out because of my background in the field. I intensely studied the structure. I became curious about the requirements to become a PIVOT Coach and – at the same time – was told I had what it took to become one. I took a deep dive into the curriculum by working with my own coach because I wanted to understand every aspect of PIVOT. Doing so helped me immensely in my subsequent training. And that’s how I fell into becoming a PIVOT coach.”

Grow and Prosper

Jean has found PIVOT to be transformational. “One of the standout features of PIVOT is that it is uniquely designed to support growth change. The toolbox that clients take with them promotes empowerment, so clients don’t become totally dependent on the support system. I love that I can support my clients in a safe place while serving as a catalyst for change. I can hold up a mirror for them, so they can grow and change at their own pace and within their own capabilities.”

The capacity to change is real, explains Jean. “We have the strength within us to make different choices. We can get to where we want to be. We can realize and actualize change.”

Client Spotlight

PIVOT Equips Kathleen with Tools to Chill

“I’m a big bee lover… and bees are a profound metaphor for life. Their existence inside the hive revolves around caring for the Queen Bee, along with caring for themselves and each other. Consider it unity or hive consciousness. The Queen Bee represents our unique interpretation of God, and her existence is a way of serving the Divine. If humans behaved more like bees, there would be more peace on earth,” says Kathleen, who is a PIVOT client residing in Orange County, California, with her three cats, Yin, Yang, and Lyra. Kathleen recently completed the five-day PIVOT Glass House Retreat and is currently working one-on-one with a PIVOT coach.

Golden Nugget

Although Kathleen knew “quite a bit” about herself before discovering PIVOT, she still felt something was missing. “I intuitively felt like I needed deeper clarity. I understood that I experienced childhood trauma and much of why I behaved the way I did. The missing nugget was in the specifics. For example: When the dynamics of a romantic relationship weren’t flowing, I grew anxious and, as a result, kept busy to distance myself from how I was feeling. As far back as I can remember, becoming a busy bee was my go-to when things got uncomfortable. I have learned how to slow myself down and address how I’m feeling. Instead of going into busy bee mode, it’s a lot healthier to opt for constructive conversation,” says Kathleen, who is an Intuitive Transformational Coach. In this role, Kathleen helps people heal themselves. She has also worked in various capacities in the world of drug and alcohol rehab since 2003.

Stand By Me

Another strength of PIVOT, explains Kathleen, is becoming aware of where the people in your life stand. “I’ve learned to categorize people very quickly,“ says Kathleen. “When it becomes obvious that a new person in my life is going to be someone who will merely reach out every month or so, I’ll match their effort. I’m not going to heavily invest in relationships that don’t deserve my utmost attention or set myself up for disappointment with people who aren’t willing to put energy into our relationship. I want to bond with people who are aligned with my values.”

Don’t Sweat It!

These days, Kathleen is much more laid back when triggered by life’s challenges. “PIVOT has helped me become keenly more aware of my parts of self – especially my child and adolescent. I can now say, “Oh, this is my child popping up. I’m getting activated but no biggie. I don’t have to push my little girl away or freeze. I don’t have to desert her. I can identify what’s going on and turn to my self-care remedies. I’m now more aloof when I’m triggered.  It’s no longer a dire emergency forcing me to run and go into panic mode. Becoming more aware has made a big difference in my life and in how I feel about myself.”

What’s Happening

Winner’s Circle


Thursday, March 16 – Sunday, March 19. The excitement about our upcoming coaches retreat is ramping up! Get your glam on and embrace education, connection – and oh so much FUN!  Our eventful retreat opens with “The Magic of PIVOT” dinner festivities, followed by several days of educational and experiential training. Take part in our very own OSCAR party to celebrate the wisdom, creativity, and hard work of our talented coaches.

Alumni Social


Join Lori Jean and PIVOT alumni for our monthly Live Q and A session on February 20th at 5:30 PST.  Come with questions, comments, insight, and curiosity!  RSVP for the zoom link to: [email protected].

Silence is Golden


Treat yourself to a one-day retreat with Deb Reid, Pivot Coach and Somatic Yoga Therapist. Mark the date: Saturday, March 4th, 9:30 am – 5 pm, Green Gulch Farm, Muir Beach, CA  ~ $225 includes a delicious lunch prepared from the farm with love. 

Moving too quickly through life leaves scarce time to experience the exquisite awesomeness of now! Give yourself a chance to slow down to connect more deeply and divinely to self and nature.

While there is time to share at the beginning and end of the day, we offer a unique opportunity to practice social silence in between. Engage in gentle-guided yoga, soothing meditations, and divine relaxation. Embark on an easy 2-mile round trip walk to Muir Beach or take it down as you explore welcoming gardens. Your choice! The gifts and takeaways from this profound experience are personal and even magical. Secure your place today and join us!

Contact Deb to register or to get additional information: 707-490-2066

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