Relationship Coaching for Singles & Individuals 

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Relationship Coaching for Singles & Individuals With PIVOT

PIVOT relationship coaching for singles & individuals is designed to enhance traditional personal growth models and teach individuals to discover healthier ways to create more secure connections. The PIVOT process allows individuals to address the underlying complexities driving their self-destructive behaviors and begin building emotional, behavioral, and relational intelligence. 

PIVOT offers a variety of relationship coaching formats – from weekly online coaching to 5-day retreats and everything in between.


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Our relationship retreats offer intensive support for those going through major relationship difficulties or chronic relationship struggles. We believe showing up as your healthiest self in relationships with yourself, family, colleagues, and community is vital to your health and happiness. 

Our approach is based on 15 years of clinical research, emphasizing a relational, attachment-oriented, and diversity-affirming process for personal and interpersonal improvement. During the relationship retreat, participants engage in individual and group therapy, psychoeducational learning, and experiential exercises. Guests leave refreshed and with a clear path forward.

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Experience Personal Growth With PIVOT

To have a healthy relationship with others, it starts with having a healthy relationship with yourself. With relationship coaching for singles & individuals, your coach will help you with:

  • Processing a breakup or divorce
  • Being comfortable with being single
  • Dating with intention
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Finding clarity in your current and past relationships
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Handling conflict in relationships
  • Codependency issues
  • Unhealthy attachment patterns
  • Finding your voice in relationships and at work
  • Identifying what you want in a partnership
  • Processing grief
  • Navigating challenging relationship dynamic

Discover What PIVOT Can Do For You

PIVOT Offers Several Paths To Healing

Retreat house Premarital/Postmarital Retreats Relationship coaching attendee

Retreats at the Glass House

Personalized PIVOT for the Individual

Weekly PIVOT Coaching

The Glass House provides individuals with our most intensive treatment option, available as a weekend or 5-day experience. These all-inclusive singles retreats are designed to provide you with personalized sessions as well as the necessary time and space to process the curriculum. Some people prefer to jump in and address situations privately, quickly, and thoroughly. This is our most flexible option, and it is entirely tailored to you. Working one-on-one with a PIVOT coach for one or two days, you will learn the PIVOT process so you can swiftly “pivot” to a healthier you. Coaches can work privately with you in your home or at the Glass House retreat center. We offer private online or in-person coaching and have gold-star packages for specific life challenges. Coaching includes weekly sessions using the PIVOT curriculum and between-session emails, texts, and check-in calls.

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I was going through a divorce when I came to PIVOT… Now I have a great relationship with my ex-wife and together we are able to co-parent from the healthiest versions of ourselves… Without PIVOT, we couldn’t have done that.
‒ Lee from Texas

PIVOT Retreats Change Lives

PIVOT Helped Me Become The Person I Want To Be

When I first discovered the PIVOT program, my life had become completely unmanageable. I couldn’t understand why I kept making the same mistakes, and following the same unhealthy life patterns. Rosemary at PIVOT has really helped me turn my life around, and take the steps to understand myself on a deeper level and become the person I want to be. I’m so grateful for this wonderfully supportive program and for having found a PIVOT coach who has been able to help me grow so much in such a short span of time.

I joined an Alumni Coaching group during the first weeks of the Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders. Being a part of this group gave me something valuable to look forward to twice a week and also helped me stay focused on my growth. It was great to connect with other people who have had similar experiences as I had and it really helped me see things from new vantage points, as well. I would absolutely recommend this program.

– Katie W.

I felt true healing while embracing the “unlearning” of my conditioning from childhood.

I started working with Lori Jean a couple years ago with the intention to help heal and repair my family system. After only a few sessions, I started to truly believe that the Pivot process could help me live life more peacefully no matter the circumstances I was faced with. I absolutely love that the Pivot Process is mobile and that I can connect with Lori Jean from all over the world as I am traveling. The truth is Lori Jean has used her years of studying clinically tested concepts to figure out exactly what real life tools that people need by creating the Pivot Process.

During my experience, I felt true healing, while embracing the “unlearning” of my conditioning from childhood. The modules that Lori Jean taught, gave me the tools that I am now able to use in real life situations to ‘PIVOT’ to healthy place mentally. My pivot process still continues to be a life changing journey with each session and I am beyond happy that I have connected with Lori Jean.

– Brittney K.

L.I.F.E. C.H.A.N.G.E.

I think one of the easiest ways for me to say what Pivot means to me is to explain what life was like without Pivot. Too much of the same old fights and not understanding each other as a couple (Read: resentments, bitterness, hurt, lack of connection, sense of being incomplete) Feeling hopeless in my primary relationships. Feeling misunderstood and unseen by those around me. Lack of my own self-understanding as to why I feel the way I do sometimes and what to do about it to help change it. Pivot resolved (read: changed for the good) ALL of that. Now my partner and I have a much deeper connection, high trust and commitment, more openness and shared dreams. Before we lived as “Semi’s” (Without even knowing it) and now we have steadily experienced being a “Good” for each other and with a little wine, etc. we have even experienced the rare and magical event of truly being one another’s “Inner.” Less fights, more laughs. Less fear, more joy. As for parenting I have far less need to over-step in my kids’ lives and instead just show up and enjoy their presence in my life. If they need me to put on my Wise Elder hat and help them through something, I am happy to do that but am just about as happy not to do that, too. This is a HUGE change for me. I used to worry incessantly about them and over-involve myself in their worlds.

– Cindy

More Life-Changing Stories From Past Clients

Transform Your Relationships With PIVOT

PIVOT offers relationship coaching for individuals, duos, couples, and families as well as business coaching and relationship retreats. Reach out to begin the journey to a healthier, happier life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does PIVOT offer?

We offer personal coaching with a certified relationship coach specifically matched to your needs. For those who want immediate results, we offer a relationship retreat at the Glass House. The PIVOT Process helps individuals, duos, couples, and families understand their attachment style, create healthier relationships, and start working towards more secure attachments. 

2. What are the qualifications of the coaches?

Our advocates are all certified in the PIVOT process. They have diverse backgrounds in therapy and other coaching models.

3. How do we differ from other programs?

We are focused on helping you strengthen your relationships quickly with our tested, proven PIVOT process. What our clients are always impressed with is how much they get from our program and how quickly they feel like they are progressing.

4. What is the format of the coaching sessions?

You typically meet your advocate in person or by phone. Your coach is also available between sessions by text and email — which is a game changer if you are struggling with relational changes. You will receive the curriculum for each session to study and apply to your life. You also have the option of hiring your coach for what we call a Personalized PIVOT: a one or two-day intensive session that you can do in person at The Glass House or from the comfort of your home! 

5. How long does the program typically last?

Programs last a minimum of 3 months for the best results. If you are in a challenging situation and want to repair your relationship quickly, we suggest you come to The Glass House for a retreat to get started.

6. How many clients has the PIVOT process impacted?

We have had the privilege to work with thousands of clients. You can read about some of their experiences here

7. Where are you located?

We are located in Northern California, right outside San Francisco. Our PIVOT coaches work from all over the United States; coaches can meet virtually or in person.

8. What should I expect at your retreat?

Our retreat is conducted at The Glass House, outside of San Francisco. Groups are limited to 6 gender-specific clients, and the program offers yoga, meditation, healthy meals, and personal and group coaching.

We focus on high-impact solutions to everyday relationship challenges. Whether you’re working through losing a relationship or letting go of codependency, we will help you identify and ask for your needs through the help of your personal PIVOT coaching advocate.

Learn more about our retreats here.