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Change For The Better

May and June is a time of change for many of our clients. Vacations, school out for the summer, weddings, and more!  I recently moved to a new home in a new city and am so grateful for the supportive loved ones that helped me with this amazing transition. Change has often been hard for me in the past, and now, with the help of PIVOT tools, I look at change as a growth opportunity.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” – Albert Einstein

The ability to embrace growth in your relationship, career, or overall well-being requires change. The process of change is almost guaranteed to be a learning experience. The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Who would argue with Albert Einstein?

New and Improved

Do you want to change the way you interact with certain people in your life? Are you eager to change your career? Do you need a new strategy for your finances?  Is it time for an updated look or a new health regimen? Are you ready to initiate positive changes to better your community? Summer is a great time for reinvention!

Tune In

The concept of change has taken center stage in many celebrated tunes. Think Travis Tritt’s “It’s All About to Change,” Taylor Swift’s “Change,” or David Bowie’s “Changes.” Change is guaranteed, yet many people run from just the thought of doing things differently.

Yes! You Can Do This

The good news is that transforming your life through change can be exciting, exhilarating, and energizing. The best part is that it’s never too late to change something YOU want to embrace through a change process. You can do this – and PIVOT is here to help.

A Peek Inside

In this issue, PIVOT Coach Moira Molloy shares repairs that have been game changers. A PIVOT client turns to PIVOT to mend her relationship with her daughter and reaps so much more. Find out What’s Happening at PIVOT. It’s all here!

Let’s greet the upcoming summer months by putting positive changes into motion. We’re here to help!


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Coaches Corner

PIVOT Helps Moira Reunite with Her Love of Singing

“One of the biggest game changers for me was learning about survival patterns through working the PIVOT curriculum,” says PIVOT Coach Moira Molloy. “When my pain body of “I am not enough” used to get activated, I’d take another class, earn an MBA (she did earn one!), or find some other external vehicle to make me feel worthy. I learned that I need to re-nurture myself as a child when these feelings emerge. And I loved singing as a little girl.” Moira recently auditioned and was accepted to Sweet Adelines in Orange County, which is a chapter of the professional women’s singing group founded in 1945 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When it comes to music, Moira is all in for Broadway musicals.

On Her Toes

Hiking is another repair that keeps Moira on her toes (both literally and figuratively!). “I’ve been hiking with a dear friend for about nine miles almost every Saturday for over 22 years. Given this track record, I can now go on aggressive hikes when I’m on vacation. Hiking is so much fun and keeps you grounded  in the present moment,” explains Moira. Among her favorite hiking spots are the South Island of New Zealand National Park; Great Wall of China; and Peru’s Machu Picchu, which is one of the new seven wonders of the modern world. Moira is no lightweight and says she has been on hikes that required her to literally crawl up mountains.

The “Goods”

With a large extended family, along with a long roster of friends and acquaintances, Moira says the Relational Circle Boundaries has made a significant difference in her life. “I’m now aware that certain people make me happy – and others not so much. There are people who drain us and those who bring energy and love into our lives. Focusing on my “goods” has had a positive impact on my life and keeps my energy flowing,” adds Moira, who has three adult children – Emily, Thomas, and Julia, along with two adoring grandsons named Hudson and Luke – all who make her extremely happy and proud! Prior to becoming a PIVOT Coach, Moira worked in the corporate world in the areas of sales, marketing, and business development.

Help! I Need Somebody!

While working for a local charity, Moira became even more aware that we’re more alike than different. “When I’ve confronted life’s challenges, I’ve been able to ask for help. And I’ve helped those in need. I’ve learned that being able to ask for help brings people together with the knowledge that we all have personal struggles at some point in our lives.”

Tools For Success

Moira has found her calling.  “I have immense gratitude for Lori Jean and her team,” says Moira, who enjoys working with women and men of all ages. “They put so much time and effort into building a solid and effective curriculum – from beginning to end – that helps clients for the rest of their lives. Clients walk away with a structure that provides everything they need to succeed on all fronts in life and that’s truly special.”

Client Spotlight

Client Turns to PIVOT to Mend Relationship –  Gets Much More!

“I had gone to counseling as far back as 30 years ago and believed I had dealt with my childhood trauma. I thought that was all behind me now. Reflecting on my years in therapy, I began to understand that I never truly dealt with my core issues until I discovered PIVOT,” says a PIVOT client who we’ll call Ann for anonymity purposes.

Feelings of Loss

Ann came to PIVOT because she was estranged from her only daughter and desperately wanted to rekindle this vital relationship. “I felt intense anxiety, depression and constantly thought about this immense loss, especially since my daughter and I used to be so close. She became distant towards me and nothing I could do or say convinced her to see me or my husband. I knew I needed help to deal with this painful new reality,” says Ann, who has been married for 40 years and who also has a son. She explains that her daughter has PTSD and suffered a miscarriage.

The Right Stuff

Ann wasn’t even sure what she was even looking for in the way of help, however, she was determined to find a solution to alleviate her pain. “One day,” explains Ann, “my niece told me she thought I had an unhealthy codependent relationship with my daughter. I was fascinated by her observation – and was determined to learn more. I’m not sure what I Googled, searched, or read. Yet when I stumbled across PIVOT online almost everything I read on the company website resonated with me. PIVOT’s mission sounded like exactly what I needed. I wanted in!”

Tailor Made

Ann was unable to travel to California for the 5-day Intensive PIVOT Glass House Retreat, so she opted for a Personalized PIVOT with a coach who resided just an hour from her home. “I felt comfortable right from the start – and received powerful tools and techniques in the process that inspired hope and healing. I felt like I was finally moving forward,” says Ann.

Empowering Tools

Although Ann’s journey to mend her relationship with her daughter continues, she is empowered with tangible coping tools. She no longer feels compelled to rethink her situation every five minutes. “I’m still going through what I’m going through,’ continues Ann, “but with an entirely different perspective. I can now let that sit and it’s okay. I don’t have to react impulsively, and I have a newfound sense of calmness. I sense my daughter and I will eventually be reunited – and I’ll be a better person when that time comes due to the work I’ve done.”

Never Too Late

What’s more, PIVOT has helped many other relationships in Ann’s life, including the relationship she has with her husband. “Communication with my husband is much much better. I don’t have to react right away, and I can reframe some of my questions and statements when needed. After 40 years together, we’re now speaking on a much deeper level, and I feel closer to my husband now than ever before.”

All For The Better

Although Ann wouldn’t want to live through these events again, she is grateful for the takeaways. “If I didn’t find myself in this intense conflict, I would not have found PIVOT, nor would I have asked myself the hard questions. I would not have uncovered the trauma I experienced years ago. I needed this reset and PIVOT has given me so many tools and techniques to change the way I behave and respond – all for the better.”

What’s Happening

Jump Start

Young Adult Women’s Retreat  – July 17-21, 2023 

Summer break is the optimal time for college students and young adults to prepare for a transitionary period in their lives. Don’t miss the opportunity to embrace tangible skills to realize the best possible outcomes in all areas of life at our all-inclusive Young Adult Women’s Retreat.

Call Kayla in Admissions to find out more.

All in the Family

Family Intensives – Why not turn your next family vacation into an experience to promote health, healing, and celebrating your loved ones? Our family intensives are designed to shift conflict and confusion in a family system to meaningful connections. Call Kayla in Admissions to find out more.

Calling all Alumni

Healthier Hour – Healthier Hour for June is Monday, June 19th at 5:30 pm (PST). Last month, we had a great turnout with hand-on-heart moments and lots of laughter! Having a shared language is so much fun. Call Kayla for information and to get the link to join us.

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