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Organizational and Strategic Alignment through Relational Leadership

We believe that “all roads lead to people” and businesses, no matter how small or big, are no exception to this.

Through our collective business experiences, and years of working with individuals, we have created and curated a process to empower business leaders and their teams to approach their daily decision making and operations through the lens of Relational Leadership. Taking a Relational Leadership approach, not only means considering and improving your relationships with the people you lead, it also means that you can improve the relationship that you have with your brand, the relationships inside and outside of your organization, and the relationships that your brand has to others in the marketplace you position yourself in.

Taking a Relational Leadership approach also means that the relationships inside an organization become vital fuel to the success of the day-to-day operations and growth. For years we have seen a very individualistic approach to leadership. Many people attend seminars, workshops, coaching programs, etc. Only to return back to the organization with a lot of new knowledge, yet having to work against their team, traditions, and leaders to implement the new understandings and systems.
Sometimes members of a team all have different individual approaches, executive coaches, or learned modalities creating greater rifts within the team. This makes for a lot of wasted time and capital resources, all of which are finite.

This has truly become a source of frustration for so many. To live the incongruency of what they learn individually vs. what they can actually do with the learned knowledge within their organization. This siloed, individualistic mentality is becoming more and more challenging as we are seeing more organizations having a hard time retaining their talent. Partly because, more people are starting to consider the relational environment of their job in addition to the pay, benefits, and other standard motivators for joining a company and getting work done.

Our current and future leaders will not only need the standard business knowledge base of the past, they will need to increase their capacity to be relational.

Organizational Alignment

We offer a process designed to help both new and existing companies to look “under the hood” at what are the precise driving forces of the organization. This branding exercise will help bring to life with clarity the promise, personality, and vision of your brand. The product from this process will inform all aspects of your organization after it is completed. This will become a concrete and actionable document, which will inform every single internal and external action, touchpoint, and relationship throughout the lifetime of your organization.

It will create cohesiveness within your organization and help filter in or out how much energy is spent doing what. It will become fundamental in all sides and disciplines of the business. Current and future operational, marketing, financial, and growth decisions will be founded on what this process will yield. It will give all leaders, current and future members of an organization a foundational aligned perspective on what the brand is and what the brand would do.

Leading Well

We will use the information from the Organizational Alignment and apply it to Relational leadership. This will give the team the day-to-day applications of how to navigate your delivery of goods/services. We will facilitate collaboration and discussion using current business challenges your organization is facing and look at them through the wider and refreshed lens of your Organizational Alignment. We start implementing the findings of the above exercise and start seeing how conflicts are mostly created by confusion and how confusion is solved by creating awareness and clarity. A clear understanding of your brand’s WHY and WHAT makes deciding the HOW a lot easier.

You will be surprised how much simpler decisions can get when they are based on leading people and managing “the brand”. Both collective and personal decisions can be filtered through what the brand needs. This way business decisions can become business decisions through a clear relationship to the brand. They collectively become about what is best for the organization and not personal to the individual. This allows for the best ideas to float to the top and be integrated for execution. And, this process will honor each individual in your organization.

Strategic Alignment

We bring it all together with a process that will allow for both the individual and collective expertise of your team to shine. We will conceptualize, organize, sort, and sequence the future of the organization. We will thoroughly go through every discipline and aspect of the organization, based on the new information and “lens” of the brand. To get clarity on current, short- and long-term strategic focus. This will create plans for the next steps as a team.

Helping your organization create a road map to channel the collective and individual energies, so they can be focused and on task informed by what the brand needs to move forward. We will also be able to preserve ideas that can possibly benefit the organization if current constraints change.

Regardless of who comes in or out of the organization, there will always be a structured and strategic understanding of what are the next steps to take based on your Strategic Alignment. Having a strategy for your current and future business endeavors creates a structure of safety that your employees and contributors can ladder back to in order to manage their efforts and their expertise. This will bring focus to their contributions and will help the relationships your employees have with their jobs become more meaningful when they have a true understanding and clarity of:

WHO does WHAT, WHEN is this happening and HOW is it done!

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