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Through our collective business leadership experiences, and decades of working with individuals, we have created and curated a powerful one-three day planning process unlike any you have experienced. Our approach combines modern strategic planning principles – defining where you are today and where you want to be by when, identifying the strategies to get you to where you want to be in time, and assigning accountabilities to ensure the plan gets executed – with two of the most critical elements in contemporary business that are largely ignored by most strategic planners: brand and relational leadership and alignment. PIVOT integrates them elegantly and powerfully and works with you and your people to create the most holistic, effective plan for success. Simply put, the PIVOT Business Planning program delivers tangible, substantial results!

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Brand Definition and Congruency

Haven’t yet defined your brand? Have defined your brand but need to refine it? Have defined your brand but need to activate it? Have defined your brand but it’s been lost in your journey?
Branding is a large part of PIVOT’s heritage. Over several decades, our professionals have developed and executed major branding processes within many organizations. We work with you to find and articulate your own unique brand that will inform and drive all aspects of your organization…your people, the relationships among your people, your planning, your execution, your relationships with constituents outside your organization, your tangible and intangible results, and ultimately your road to success.

Point A – Where Are You Today?

It is impossible, of course, to get to where you want to be if you don’t know precisely where you are now. We work with you and your team members to define all material aspects of your organization – strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, opportunities, threats – across all functions.

Point B – Where Do You Want to Be by When?

We work with you to identify, articulate, and prioritize your primary organizational objectives so your team members have a “true north” that, combined with your branding, guides their thoughts, efforts, and output every step of the way. Too often, businesses lack clear objectives, do not clearly and continually articulate and communicate their objectives, or change objectives without aligning the organization around its new direction. We work with you to ensure utmost clarity about the path to and the timing of your intended destination.

Strategies and Tactics

We work closely with your team to define our key strategies – the manner in which you intend to accomplish your objectives. We ensure you leave us with a clear understanding of how you are going to reach your Point B on time. Once we have defined the key strategies, we work with you to clearly and comprehensively define the “final mile” of strategic planning: the tactics – the tasks – that must be accomplished to execute the strategy and ultimately achieve your objectives. And unlike the majority of strategic planning processes, our program gets “down and dirty” in terms of working with you to assign individual accountabilities for each task. Many strategic planning processes die on the shelf, often for lack of specific direction and accountability down to the individual team member. We set you up for success by delivering a powerful, accountability-driven plan that literally begs for execution.

Relational Leadership and Alignment

We believe that “all roads lead to people,” and businesses, no matter how small or big, are no exception. An issue in organizational leadership, however, is that the relational element is lost, misunderstood, or ignored. And the consequences are massive. True to our heritage at PIVOT, we are resolute in our belief that relationships matter…a lot. Unhealthy relationships will undermine any chance for organizational success. Healthy relationships, though, combined with a strong brand and clear plan for success, will power an organization through all challenges and deliver extraordinary results.
We work closely with you and your team to ensure a clear understanding of relational leadership and alignment and their inclusion in every interaction and function within your organization.

PIVOT Business Planning Delivers Results!

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