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The PIVOT Relationship Coaching Process

PIVOT relationship coaching is based on 15 years of clinical research. Our goal is to help couples, families, and businesses navigate relationships in their lives through personal growth retreats and private coaching.

Individual Services

The relationship you have with yourself impacts every relationship in your life. PIVOT coaching for individuals empowers you with a high-impact, actionable, and individually-tailored process so you can achieve the behavioral and relational change you are seeking

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Couples, Duos, and Family Services

When navigating relationships with our significant others, friends, family, and colleagues, our best intentions and efforts deserve healthy outcomes. Our relationship coaches help you have tough conversations and move toward more connected partnerships.

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Business Services

A strong leader knows how to build healthy relationships with their team members. Our executive relationship coaches will help you build a solid strategy to implement immediate growth with a deeper understanding of your brand that promotes a healthier work environment.

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Personal Growth Retreats

If you’re ready for a deep dive into an all-inclusive PIVOT experience, our Personal Growth Retreats at the Glass House provide individuals, couples, and families with intensive relationship coaching experiences designed for all levels of engagement, delivering personalized and immediate results.

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We created the PIVOT Coaching Process to help people have healthier relationships and live better lives. Through this process, we are creating significant, positive behavioral change.

-Lori Jean Glass, PIVOT founder

Lori Jean Glass, the CEO and Founder of PIVOT, is a transformative force in the field of relationship coaching. With over two decades of experience, she is an Amazon #1 Psychology best-selling author, esteemed educator, and inspirational public speaker. Lori Jean’s journey from personal struggles to becoming a leading expert in relational freedom has fueled her mission to empower individuals through The PIVOT Process,  fostering healthier, happier lives.


The PIVOT Process Changes Lives


“It [PIVOT] was very eye-opening for me… Now, I have this new empowered feeling of ‘Yes! I AM worthy. I AM enough. I DO love myself…’ It made me realize a lot about myself – something I could not get with traditional therapy.”


“I came to PIVOT because a relationship was ending…This program is great for anybody who wants to really expand and grow in the relationship of understanding themselves.”


“Now I have a great relationship with my ex-wife and together we are able to co-parent from the healthiest versions of ourselves… Without PIVOT, we couldn’t have done that.”

#1 Amazon Psychology Best Seller: #HealthyAdult

By Lori Jean Glass, PIVOT Founder

Healthy adult book

For years, clients and friends have asked Lori Jean Glass to write a book to share her experience in facilitating behavioral change after surviving multiple childhood traumas. Her #1 Amazon Psychology best seller – #HealthyAdult – can help you move from decisions that harm you and those you love into new more positive behaviors. Time to PIVOT from fantasy to reality, confusion to clarity, and isolation to connection!

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Do I Need Relationship Coaching?

Life can be challenging and relationships, either with ourselves or others, can fuel those challenges. At PIVOT, we see individuals and couples for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some things PIVOT coaches can help you work on:

  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Handling conflict in relationships
  • Codependency issues
  • Unhealthy attachment patterns
  • Finding your voice in relationships and at work
  • Identifying what you really want
  • Processing grief
  • Navigating challenging family dynamics
  • Processing a breakup or divorce

How it Works

  1. Contact us using the form below. Our team will send you an introductory questionnaire to get to know you and learn what service is best for you.
  2. PIVOT matches you with a coach. Your coach will contact you to set up an introductory phone call and prepare your PIVOT account.
  3. Activate your PIVOT account. This allows you to keep in touch with your coach and book your first session!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PIVOT offer?

The PIVOT Process helps individuals, duos, couples, and families understand their attachment style, create healthier relationships, and start working towards more secure attachments. 

We offer personal weekly coaching with a certified relationship coach specifically matched to your needs. For those who want immediate results, we have a 5-day relationship retreat at the Glass House (outside of San Francisco). 

What is the frequency of sessions per month?

You can do it at your own pace, but we generally recommend weekly sessions. You can text your coach for extra support in between sessions as well.

What are the qualifications of the coaches?

Our relationship coaches are all certified in the PIVOT process. They have diverse backgrounds in therapy and other coaching models.

How do we differ from other programs?

We are focused on helping you strengthen your relationships quickly with our tested, proven PIVOT process. What our clients are always impressed with is how much they get from our program and how quickly they feel like they are progressing.

What is the format of the coaching sessions?

You typically meet your PIVOT coach in person or by phone. The coach is also available between sessions by text and email which is a game changer if you are struggling with relational changes. You will be receiving the curriculum with each session to study and apply to your life. You also have the option of hiring your coach for what we call a Personalized PIVOT which is a one or two day intensive that you do in person at The Glass House or in the comfort of your own home. What our clients are always impressed with is how much they get from our program.

How long does the program typically last?

Programs last a minimum of 3 months, but we are always here if you need us for longer than that. If you are in a challenging situation and want to repair your relationship quickly, we suggest you come to The Glass House for a 5-day retreat to get started.

How many clients has the PIVOT process impacted?

We have had the privilege to work with thousands of clients. You can read about some of their experiences here.

Where are you located?

We are located in Northern California, right outside San Francisco. Our PIVOT coaches work from all over the United States. Coaches can meet virtually or in person.

What should I expect at your retreat?

Our 5-day retreat is conducted at The Glass House, outside of San Francisco. Groups are limited to 6 gender-specific clients, and the program offers yoga, meditation, healthy meals, and personal and group coaching.

We focus on high-impact solutions to everyday relationship challenges. Whether you’re working through losing a relationship or letting go of codependency, we will help you identify your needs and set healthy boundaries.

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