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“When our minds think in alignment with how our heart feels and we have the courage to take proper action with our feet, we have achieved a verticality that is honest, ethical, and authentic to who we are.” Lori Jean Glass

We are PIVOT – a relational alignment group. We are passionate about helping you shift and achieve healthy relational alignment. We help you PIVOT from fantasy to reality, isolation to connection, and from confusion to clarity. What is really cool about PIVOT is it has a curriculum that you can take anywhere in your life. If you have any relationships that need repairing or restoring, either personally or professionally, we invite you to Contact Us.

Who We Are

Lori Jean Glass founded the company, PIVOT. In an effort to facilitate relational change with her clients, she created a curriculum and an engagement system that has been helping others create meaningful and authentic connection. We have trained advocates located all over the United States.

Our commitment to passionately show up to facilitate change with our clients is the catalyst to our willingness to engage directly with our clients. When we connect you with an advocate, we take into consideration who you are and what you are looking to shift. When we work with our clients, we must bring ourselves forward as well. It is an interactive process.

How This Works

  • Well, you found us! That’s how it starts. You most likely are having some relational challenges and want help.
  • Next, give us a call or email us. We’d like to send you a questionnaire to get to know you better!
  • From there, based on what you tell us, we match you with someone from our team (advocates who are coaches and therapists) who will reach out to you. In this call, you choose – are we the right fit for you?

And the process begins!

The Process

The relationship with your advocate consists of weekly calls, emails, and texts. Most of our clients begin with a curriculum that helps them look at who they are in relationship from a whole perspective. From there, based on why you reached out, we offer an array of modules selected specifically for you. This process is designed to look into the rear view mirror to see where these patterns came from. Get current with the present challenges you are having, and from there, facilitate change. Our goal is to help you get into healthy relational alignment!

Individual Alignment

Be your best self! With our help you can gain more clarity about yourself, learn to better manage your feelings in relationships and form a healthy plan of action to facilitate change. We provide personal insights, individualized tools, and action oriented solutions. More…

Couples / Family Alignment

Most every couple and family encounters relational challenges. If you are looking for positive change within your coupleship and/or family unit, we will create a healthy relational structure that is unique to you. More…

Organizational Alignment

Like the human body, when an organization’s goals, strategy, values and actions are in alignment, its chances for success are optimized. When alignment exists, company goals are clear, employees know what is expected of them leading to higher levels of motivation and communication flows allowing conflict to be dealt with in a healthy way. More…



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