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PIVOT from fantasy to reality, confusion to clarity and isolation to connection.

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When our mind thinks in alignment with how our heart feels and we have the courage to take proper actions with our feet, we have achieved a verticality that is honest, ethical, and authentic to who we are.

Lori Jean Glass


Pivot From Fantasy To Reality, Confusion To Clarity, Isolation To Connection

Lori Jean Glass has released her new book, #HealthyAdult!

Navigate from your blind spots keeping you in self-defeating patterns… into a place of self-awareness and change-making.

What is PIVOT?

PIVOT is a company that was created for individuals, couples, and groups who are looking to improve relationships. Our program is designed for those seeking help that want to shift relational challenges quickly (i.e. pivot).

We aren’t interested in just defining what is wrong, we are interested in providing a new framework and solutions for behavioral change in relationships. This is achieved through our curriculum, which we call The PIVOT Process, and is facilitated by PIVOT Advocates who are certified and trained in The PIVOT Academy!

We are committed to facilitating change

Who created PIVOT and why?

PIVOT was created by Lori Jean Glass. Lori Jean is an educator, mentor, relationship coach, and public speaker offering solutions for people wanting to improve relationships. PIVOT believes that relational change is possible for anyone and that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Lori Jean initially developed the curriculum and tested it for 8 years before starting The PIVOT organization. It’s proven. It works.

PIVOT is an affordable and accessible way to get solutions. If someone wants to change, they can call PIVOT and get immediate help. While there may be, and often are, underlying issues that take time to shift, there are also patterns that can be shifted immediately which produce desired relief. We believe that by providing solutions with our effective curriculum, immediate and lasting results unfold.

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