Relationship-Building Retreats

A retreat tailored to rediscovering and transforming your most important relationships.

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Relationship-Building Retreats Designed to Restore Your Connections

Everyone deserves to be happy and fulfilled in their relationships. Relationship-building retreats at the Glass House are designed to help you navigate conflict and restore your most meaningful relationships. Pivot from unhealthy communication to connection with our proven process and expert coaches.


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Our relationship retreats offer intensive support for those going through major relationship difficulties or chronic relationship struggles. We believe showing up as your healthiest self in relationships with yourself, family, colleagues, and community is vital to your health and happiness. 

Our approach is based on 15 years of clinical research, emphasizing a relational, attachment-oriented, and diversity-affirming process for personal and interpersonal improvement. During the relationship retreat, participants engage in individual and group therapy, psychoeducational learning, and experiential exercises. Guests leave refreshed and with a clear path forward.

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What to Expect at Our Relationship-Building Retreats

Relationship-building retreats empower guests to dive deep into the PIVOT process, resulting in transformational personal growth and healthier relationships. 

At each Glass House retreat in beautiful northern California, you can expect to work through intensive relationship-building skill development with your certified personal coach. 

Retreats include:

  • Multiple one-on-one individual sessions
  • Group and experiential sessions
  • Yoga, meditation, and healthy meals
  • Time to integrate what you are learning


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PIVOT Offers Several Paths To Healing

Retreat house Premarital/Postmarital Retreats Relationship coaching attendee

Retreats at the Glass House

Personalized PIVOT for the Individual

Weekly PIVOT Coaching

The Glass House provides individuals with our most intensive treatment option, available as a weekend or 5-day experience. These all-inclusive singles retreats are designed to provide you with personalized sessions as well as the necessary time and space to process the curriculum. Some people prefer to jump in and address situations privately, quickly, and thoroughly. This is our most flexible option, and it is entirely tailored to you. Working one-on-one with a PIVOT coach for one or two days, you will learn the PIVOT process so you can swiftly “pivot” to a healthier you. Coaches can work privately with you in your home or at the Glass House retreat center. We offer private online or in-person coaching and have gold-star packages for specific life challenges. Coaching includes weekly sessions using the PIVOT curriculum and between-session emails, texts, and check-in calls.

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I was going through a divorce when I came to PIVOT… Now I have a great relationship with my ex-wife and together we are able to co-parent from the healthiest versions of ourselves… Without PIVOT, we couldn’t have done that.
‒ Lee from Texas

PIVOT Retreats Change Lives

Greater Health In All Of My Relationships

Deb has been an invaluable resource along my path towards greater health in all of my relationships. Her steady presence, deep listening and clear eyed ability to recognize my relational patterns helped me to see and change things I had been unconsciously doing for years. Her guidance through the PIVOT modules was incredibly thorough, and I feel that the ways she taught me to use my Healthy Adult Alignment worksheet have forever changed for the better how I relate to others. I found Deb’s guidance to be unfailingly compassionate and warm, yet also strong and clear. Thank you Deb!

‒ Ellen – MA, Certified Amba Movement Teacher

I’m so thankful

The only regret I have about joining the Pivot Process is that I didn’t do it A LOT sooner! I participated in “talk therapy” for years however, I was repeating the same cycles of emotions and behaviors that ultimately were ruining my relationships. Pivot has allowed me to find not only identify the root causes for my behaviors but healthier solutions. I’m so thankful to have been introduced to my Pivot coach, London, who has guided me through significant changes that have resulted in not only feeling the happiest I have been in my life, but also improving my relationships with others close to me.

‒ Anna

L.I.F.E. C.H.A.N.G.E.

I think one of the easiest ways for me to say what Pivot means to me is to explain what life was like without Pivot. Too much of the same old fights and not understanding each other as a couple (Read: resentments, bitterness, hurt, lack of connection, sense of being incomplete) Feeling hopeless in my primary relationships. Feeling misunderstood and unseen by those around me. Lack of my own self-understanding as to why I feel the way I do sometimes and what to do about it to help change it. Pivot resolved (read: changed for the good) ALL of that. Now my partner and I have a much deeper connection, high trust and commitment, more openness and shared dreams. Before we lived as “Semi’s” (Without even knowing it) and now we have steadily experienced being a “Good” for each other and with a little wine, etc. we have even experienced the rare and magical event of truly being one another’s “Inner.” Less fights, more laughs. Less fear, more joy. As for parenting I have far less need to over-step in my kids’ lives and instead just show up and enjoy their presence in my life. If they need me to put on my Wise Elder hat and help them through something, I am happy to do that but am just about as happy not to do that, too. This is a HUGE change for me. I used to worry incessantly about them and over-involve myself in their worlds.

– Cindy

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Transform Your Relationships With PIVOT

PIVOT offers transformational relationship-building retreats at the Glass House. Reach out to get started on your journey to happier, healthier relationships.
You can reach us at 1-855-452-0707

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the daily schedule during relationship-building retreats at the Glass House?

The daily schedule at the Glass House is tailored to your individual needs; there isn’t a universal schedule that all attendees follow. That being said, relationship-building retreats consist of individual and group therapy, yoga, meditation, and plenty of reflection time.

2. What are the qualifications of the coaches?

Our advocates are all certified in the PIVOT process. They have diverse backgrounds in therapy and other coaching models.

3. How do we differ from other programs?

We are focused on helping you strengthen your relationships quickly with our tested, proven PIVOT process. What our clients are always impressed with is how much they get from our program and how quickly they feel like they are progressing.

4. How many clients has the PIVOT process impacted?

We have had the privilege of working with thousands of clients. Some of their experiences are here.

5. Where are you located?

We are located in Northern California in our beautiful Glass House.