If PIVOT Can Work For Me, It Can Work for Anyone

As a guy, I struggled, going from one unfulfilling relationship to another. For years I was certain that I was just with the “wrong” woman. Meanwhile I’m raising a teenage daughter trying to model and teach her what it means to be in a real relationship.

As the years passed I could feel deep inside me the desire to be in a real relationship where, as a man, I could open up fully and find strength AND vulnerability. Alas, I didn’t know how.

I tried numerous approaches to get to what the issue was and never found one that would engage both my head AND my heart. I started Lori Jean’s PIVOT process with equal amounts of skepticism and desperation.

Working with my advocate, I fully threw myself into the work when I saw, early into it, that it was MY patterns that were blocking me. When I took responsibility for it and started the work all of my relationships started to change. PIVOT describes things in simple, understandable terms that allow a clear path from my head (thoughts) to my heart (feelings) to my feet (actions).

I’m a great example as a guy to show that if it can work for me, it can work for anyone, as long as we do the work. I wholeheartedly recommend LJ and PIVOT if you are ready to rocket to a new level of relating in your life.

‒ Tim T.

Life Changing

For the very first time in my life I actually like me. The intense and lonely pain of my childhood is replaced by the healthy adult…for the first time in my life, I have a voice!

It was a life changing event and I’m so grateful I dug deep to find the courage to change my life! Thank you Lori Jean for this incredible experience.

‒ Greg

Wholeheartedly Saved My Life

The PIVOT curriculum and coaches have wholeheartedly saved my life. When I started my coaching sessions my life was in shambles and I was starting over.

Because of this curriculum I have been able to successfully live my life as a healthy adult. The tools this program has given me have helped me grow personally, professionally, and spiritually over the past year. The investment I have made in myself through PIVOT is invaluable and the best choice I could have made for myself.

‒ Courtney H.

I Feel Empowered

Prior to working with my coach at PIVOT, I only knew a life of emotional turmoil. I had low emotional intelligence due to previous experiences of unhealthy relational patterns. I knew a life that consisted of triggers and impulses, which resulted in acting out in ways that were destroying me in all aspects of my life.

The curriculum taught me how to understand these patterns and show up in my life as a healthy adult. Through our weekly phone coaching sessions, the model presented to me gave me the incentive to continue to grow and learn ways to love myself through self-care.

I learned ways to set boundaries with individuals in my life in order to avoid losing myself at the expense of pleasing others. I now can say that I am able to show up and relate healthy in not only my personal life but also professional life.

I am now able to discern healthy vs. unhealthy. I can honestly say that this was the first experience that has enabled me to feel empowered.

‒ Jeannine H.

My Advocate Has Been Unbelievable

As someone that grew up around all the ‘woo’ in LA, it takes a lot to convince me of programs, therapies and self-work that is truly productive and healing. I’ve tried all the dbts, cbts, trauma therapy, traditional talk therapy etc., and none felt like they were doing anything except forcing me to slowly rehash issues I already knew. The PIVOT program is completely different because it meets you where you are and gives you proactive steps towards adjusting your current habits and helping you find healthier patterns for your coping and attachment patterns. My advocate has been unbelievable with a penchant for getting to the real crux of the issue from the get-go. She is non-judging, supportive and intuitive, yet calls you out on the things you need calling out on. She gives you tools and resources to do things yourself with the knowledge that she is there should you need her. She helped me reach a place in 8 months that I couldn’t reach in over a decade of other therapies. I have sent a handful of friends to her and PIVOT and everyone feels the same life game changer and I have my advocate to thank for that. When you’re truly ready to take an honest look at yourself and put in the work this is the best and most underrated program around, I can’t say enough good things about it and my advocate.

‒ Erika

Recognize Unhealthy Patterns

I had hit rock bottom in my life. Sifting through the devastation of ANOTHER failed relationship I was introduced to my advocate through a mutual friend. When she mentioned “relationship coach” I cringed and said no way, the last thing I need is another failed relationship! My friend assured me that this coaching was about how to find a healthy connection when the time was right and work on my self and my unhealthy pattern in the mean time. My advocate came highly recommended by a trusted friend and after speaking with her for the initial consultation I felt confident that she understood me and could offer help. My advocate was so supportive and compassionate! She helped me be kinder to myself and recognize unhealthy relational patterns that were really destructive, but most importantly she honored my process and met me where I was in my healing. I never felt pressure to get better faster. This patience and compassion was just what I needed. My advocate never gave up on me, even when I gave up on myself.
The most transformative part of PIVOT for me was the boundaries I was able to set and the respect I now have for myself. The program works! I’m not ready to date yet, but I feel confident that when I am I will have the discernment to protect myself, and honor myself. I would absolutely recommend this program and my advocate to anyone looking for positive change. My advocate changed my life, she is an angel. I couldn’t have done this work without her! She is one of the most kind, compassionate and loving humans I know. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom and support.

‒ Sara

Build My Sense Of Self

I found PIVOT at a time in my life when I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be able to trust myself to date again. After a messy divorce and a crash and burned relationship, I was scared that maybe I was destined for crazy relationships. My PIVOT coach stepped in and helped me build my sense of self. I started PIVOT because I wanted to know what a healthy relationship was, but what I have gotten is something so much better: I trust myself. I have learned, through the targeted curriculum and sharp insight and unwavering support of my Advocate, that I can trust myself. I am standing in my power as a whole human being for the first time in my life. In just 3 months, PIVOT completely rearranged my self esteem and my understanding of my relationships. Out of that space, I know that I will never go back to the craziness and that I am secure enough to live my life with dignity and self-respect. Thank you Robin!! Thank you PIVOT!

‒ Beca S.


PIVOT is a Godsend and there aren’t enough words to can convey how grateful I am to have found their program and also to be working with my amazing coach, Rose. Prior to working the program, I had been in various 12-step programs which was/is helpful, and seeing a therapist, too. However, it’s only until I started working PIVOT did I see an immense change in my emotions, behavior, and the ability to identify why my I’m being activated and where it is coming from. Like any self-help, it takes a lot of courage, willingness and patience to be able to look at yourself and want to change, but it is so worth it. I would not have been able to get to where I am emotionally today without Rose’s guidance and the wonderful modules provided. Rose is understanding, helpful, non-judgmental and offers levity to boot which is necessary when you’ve hit bottom. I encourage anyone to try this program if you are willing to dare greatly. You won’t regret it

‒ Jenn C.

Take Care Of Myself

I have been working at PIVOT on and off for about 2.5 years. PIVOT really has given me the tools and the support I am not able to just get from therapy. I have gained tools for how to take care of myself, relate to things in my life and discover patterns that are holding me back in my life. I recently was at stuck point going to several therapist, support groups and not knowing what was best for me. I did a personalized PIVOT and realized the pattern that was causing me to feel stuck and came up with a plan on how to PIVOT out of it and jump start my new self care schedule. It has been an adjustment but I am SO thankful for PIVOT. I’m now gaining the tools that I need to be able to practically take care of myself, to become emotionally stable, and do life as an adult in conjunction with therapy rather than being dependent on professionals, and that is what recovery looks like for me.

‒ C. C.

PIVOT is About Being Proactive

Where do I begin to share how much the PIVOT method has improved my life? It all started after I had just broken off an engagement and complained to my friend that I always seem to date the wrong people. She then told me about her dating coach and an upcoming workshop with PIVOT- the Whole Perspective. I signed up as it was very reasonable for the 4 hours – after all, what did I have to lose?

That was one of the best decisions I have ever made! After the workshop I saw how this could work to help me. We started with the dating module and when I realized how much it was helping me I continued on through more modules. Once my family (my parents) saw the difference in me, they asked about working with an advocate too. We are improving our family dynamic every week.

My friends have all made comments about how happy I seem, asking me what have I done or whom have I met – I am so proud to say it is because of me. A recent compliment from a friend: “You seem so confident, together and beautiful. You deserve happiness and peace. And laughter!” and the amazing thing is I believe that too. Even a first date I had a few months ago told me I was quite intimidating being so confident and attractive. It is coming from the inside because of my PIVOT work – something I never heard previously.

I have tried other self help books and plans but to no avail. PIVOT is about being proactive and giving you the tools to change your life for the better. Tired of trying and nothing changing? Then do something and try PIVOT- make a difference!

Ever Grateful,

‒ Amy D.

Greater Health In All Of My Relationships

Deb has been an invaluable resource along my path towards greater health in all of my relationships. Her steady presence, deep listening and clear eyed ability to recognize my relational patterns helped me to see and change things I had been unconsciously doing for years. Her guidance through the PIVOT modules was incredibly thorough, and I feel that the ways she taught me to use my Healthy Adult Alignment worksheet have forever changed for the better how I relate to others. I found Deb’s guidance to be unfailingly compassionate and warm, yet also strong and clear. Thank you Deb!

‒ Ellen - MA, Certified Amba Movement Teacher

Become The Person I Want To Be

When I first discovered the PIVOT program, my life had become completely unmanageable. I couldn’t understand why I kept making the same mistakes, and following the same unhealthy life patterns. Rosemary at PIVOT has really helped me turn my life around, and take the steps to understand myself on a deeper level and become the person I want to be. I’m so grateful for this wonderfully supportive program and for having found a PIVOT coach who has been able to help me grow so much in such a short span of time.

I joined an Alumni Coaching group during the first weeks of the Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders. Being a part of this group gave me something valuable to look forward to twice a week and also helped me stay focused on my growth. It was great to connect with other people who have had similar experiences as I had and it really helped me see things from new vantage points, as well. I would absolutely recommend this program.

‒ Katie W.

Lasting Change

It’s been a year since I was changing my life at The Glass House. I can honestly say that nothing I’ve ever done to work on “me” has ever produced so many positive, lasting changes in my life. I still look at my “I am MORE than enough” oil painting each morning, and feel like I’m finally in that sweet spot of life knowing that I’ve reached my balance point. In my week at The Glass House, I learned humility, confidence, acceptance and letting go in ways that make me a better man.

‒ Kevin

Life Changing

People get better at the Glass House. As a therapist, I have sent a number of clients into the care of Lori Jean and her Team at Pivot and they ALL had significant life-changes occur during their stay. And then, when I hit with a very difficult time in my own life, I went as well. My experience was exactly like that of my clients, life-changing.

‒ Cindy F., LCSW, Professor and Clinical Therapist

Genuine Happiness

Life, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a manual. They don’t teach us in our schooling the critical pieces about our lives that would help give us direction. As I entered adulthood, I discovered myself within this hunt constantly in search of something better. I have come to realize, that what I really needed cannot be found outside of myself, but rather from the inside. We can only begin to experience genuine happiness and joy outside of ourselves once we learn to do it from within. Most people spend a lifetime in search of something better … never knowing what that something is, but, nonetheless, searching. Always coming up empty-handed. And usually, projecting the blame onto others or an outside force/situation. I once was that person. Very lost, yet desiring deeply to understand what it all meant … the longing … the thirst for knowledge … the quest, driven by the desire to find the answers. When I found myself dismantled completely to mere rubble … scattered all around struggling to leave a toxic relationship after spending 20+ years of my life relationship hopping … an awakening evolved. Never having a map or a compass to navigate life, never an understanding … just the deep pain, which I was unconscious to prior to the toxic relationship, guiding my every move. Lost, broken, and desperate to find the answers … I made one phone call that ultimately lead me to the most profound understanding and changes I would soon make in my life. Lori Jean Glass, a brilliant, intelligent, insightful, knowledgeable woman full of vibrancy and driven by her passion and deep desire to help give people their life back. The process, which she created, held up a lens for me to look through. Her trained staff helped me tap into my courage and strength to dig deep and embrace my self-worth. They educated me and gave me an understanding for the how’s and the why’s of how I was attaching in relationships to others. And then … she handed me a gift, a blessing … a toolkit to now navigate life with. It changed my life FAR more than I will ever begin to put words to. I came home after doing an intensive with her and her staff and began to rebuild from the ground up. This time, on a foundation that could not be broken … not even in the midst challenging of situations. It isn’t always easy however now I understand what is happening and can pivot. Combined with my faith, which the staff inspired me to deepen, I have learned how to face my most challenging shortcomings and to handle them in my healthy adult and not from my child or adolescent. It will forever be a lifelong process, as life is about understanding and growing. However, today, I now have a compass and a lens that helps me to navigate life, relationships, and the most difficult experiences they hand us. Today, I feel a genuine happiness within … and, I experience joy. I would recommend EVERY person in this world who struggles attaching in relationships to experience the brilliant curriculum Lori Jean developed and The Glass House offers! It will profoundly impact anyone who is ready to make a change.

‒ Lisa T.

Stuck In Life

I first participated in this workshop intensive three years ago when it was called Five Sisters Ranch. I felt stuck in my life, and wanted to investigate how I approached relationships, romantic and otherwise. I didn’t really understand what healthy relational attachment style meant, or what was blocking me from having it, but I hoped they had some answers for me. Having done a lot of workshops in the past, and found it hard to keep the momentum going once I got home, what was remarkably different was how practical their approach was. The clear curriculum meant that I came away with actionable tools to integrate into my everyday life. There were real and meaningful new skills to practice every day. I worked hard to integrate this different approach in all my relationships, family, friends and work. I’ve learned how to ask for what I need in a clear way. Many of my old beliefs about myself have been slowly replaced by a clearer happier way of living. It took a lot of practice, so I got the extra support I need by working with a Pivot coach one on one as a follow up and that was the game changer. It was so great to have someone in my corner really helping me move forward and persevere whenever I hit a bump in the road. I still have my workshop binder, albeit a bit dog eared and well used! And, I regularly pull it out to remind myself of old relationship patterns when I can feel things going off track. Its as relevant and useful today as it was when I was at the workshop I’m grateful I found the team. Many of my friends and colleagues have taken the workshops since they liked the changes they saw in me. We have quite a community now to share ideas and experiences with.

‒ Kate W.

I Think Differently

I have spent my entire life, including 3+ decades as a successful professional, thinking that my thinking will bring me everything I want and need in life. After a week at Glass House, I think differently. I am now more connected to my whole self than before, and it feels great. The Glass House staff is an uncommonly caring, warm, and smart group of people, and I am glad I decided to turn my week over to them and the program. There is life before Glass House, and life after Glass House, and they are different things. There is not a person I know who wouldn’t benefit from this wonderful program.

‒ Brad

Clear Path Forward

When my marriage of 29 years ended, I felt duped, discouraged, and unsteady. I also had a feeling of relief and a desire to develop a healthier relationship with myself and others. My path to become a “Healthy Adult” was unclear until my friend texted me after her Glass House Intensive. She wrote, “Friend, here you will find healing. Not just for your divorce, for all of it.” Two weeks later I began my new journey with 4 other ladies at the Glass House. My path is now clear. My heart, my mind, my emotions, and my soul are grounded. I am working with my Pivot Advocate and am building a new confident and compassionate life. And the best bonus? A built-in circle of trust with those ladies from the intensive. I am beyond grateful for Lori Jean and the staff at Glass House.

‒ Kelly K.

You Won’t Regret It

I had tried so many modalities of therapies, intensives, and “you can heal your life” weekends. With all of the other programs, I left on that “workshop high” ready to face the world and my challenges head on, only to be met with the same triggering scenarios and no real application of how to apply these newly learned skills into my life. This led me feeling disappointed and back in the same old problems, challenges, and patterns. My experience with The Glass House was different. Everything I learned was individualized to me and my challenges. They used curriculum that was easy to use, apply, and understand. After 5 days at the Glass House I left with more knowledge to get into action than I had in over a decade of therapy. When I returned home I was able to apply what I had learned and change the patterns that weren’t serving me. As a result, my life changed! Lori Jean was right, people can—and do—change! I will forever cherish the time I spent at the Glass House. It allowed me to open the door to understanding and loving myself in a way I didn’t know was possible. If you are frustrated in your relationships or find yourself repeating the same behavioral patterns, GET to a Glass House Intensive—you won’t regret it!

‒ Carol B.

Glass House Saved My Life

Before arriving to The Glass House I was in one of the darkest parts of my life. I was dealing with unresolved grief from multiple family member deaths, a marriage on the brink of ruin, a very unhealthy relationship with alcohol and an overall feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. After making arrangements to attend the 5 day intensive I almost didn’t follow through. I am extremely glad I did. The Glass House truly gave me a second chance at life. I walked in an unhealthy and unhappy person with little direction and left with confidence, clarity and invaluable tools to repair not only my relationship with myself but with others in my life. The staff were so understanding, kind and caring. They meet you where you are. The support they showed was overwhelming and never once did I feel as if I was alone in my journey. The Glass House nurtures the mind, body and soul. The location is peaceful with tranquil views overlooking the water. The food is healthy and home-cooked, reenergizing the body and daily yoga calms the mind, body and soul. I learned things about myself I never knew and was able to work through some very difficult road blocks in a safe, warm and caring environment. I can’t thank the staff enough for doing all that they do. My time at The Glass House truly saved my life.

‒ Lauren

Far Exceeded Expectations

I came to the Glass House having never before experienced any intensives. I had no idea what to expect other than what my referring friend had to say. The small group size and gorgeous, intimate setting was what first struck me. Nestled upon a hill overlooking the harbor, The Glass House far exceeded my expectations. I greatly appreciated the transparency and reciprocity of Lori Lean, Alicia and the other lovely staff at The Glass House. The fact that every Advocate had, themselves, been through the PIVOT process made me feel less vulnerable, met with more understanding and wisdom. The comprehensive curriculum was accessible, well-organized, and holistic. Yoga with Deb, paired with teachings from Ekhart Tolle surrounding Pain Bodies was particularly resonant to me, as it rounded-out the intensive spiritually. I walked away from the Glass House with my PIVOT binder and an open heart, ready to put my new understanding of boundaries and expectations to practice. In the weeks following my time at The Glass House, I have been able to apply key touch-points in the PIVOT process with relative ease. I didn’t read LJ’s book until I came to the Glass House, but it is one I have recommended to many friends since. PIVOT has the power to transform the future of relationship psychology.

‒ Lisa G.

Lives Changed

It’s hard to put into words how happy I am that I found this workshop intensive. I struggled finding the right therapist, the right support system, and recovery program, but immediately after my first session I finally felt like I was being seen and heard and understood. I struggled with relationships – getting out of ones that did not serve me and knowing what I truly wanted and needed. After doing an intensive at the Glass House, I was assigned to my PIVOT advocate who has helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. She has taught me so much about myself and given me tools to use for a lifetime. I can feel the change within myself and the way I approach all of my relationships because of the curriculum. I never want to miss a session and genuinely enjoy the work. It’s unlike any curriculum I’ve experienced and it should be taught to everyone who wants to keep growing and evolving. I’ve recommended it to close friends and friends in recovery and their lives are changed as well.

‒ Jenn R.


I am very grateful for my time at the Glass House. It truly is a sanctuary for healing and growth.
The staff is professional and knowledgeable while being accessible and loving which was a
beautiful formula in which to feel safe and facilitate transformation. My friends are noticing the
difference in me since I have been back. I truly feel like myself again. Thank you from the
bottom of my soul.

‒ Kathy K.

Shift in Perception

I own and operate a sober living home for women and have referred several clients that are struggling with codependency and love addiction issues that are stunting their forward motion in getting traction in their sobriety.

What I found in myself and in my returning clients was a shift in perception from this experience. It is a beautifully designed program run by beautiful women.

‒ Patti H.


The Level One training was a life-changing personal experience where I had the opportunity to embody the curriculum and really understand the PIVOT process. It was the most profound growth work I’ve done in the past twenty years.

I’ve been a Life Coach for over fifteen years and the Level Two training and ongoing
supervision has really enhanced my coaching ability. The curriculum is easy to
follow and the quick results I’ve been able to witness in my clients have been

‒ Rosemary O.

Revolutionary Tools

Through the many years I’ve been working with and for Lori Jean I’ve come to deeply respect her breadth of knowledge, experience and intuition around trauma and attachment wounds. She created and continues to develop the PIVOT curriculum to help shift people into healing from their outmoded survival patterns into healthy relational adult behaviors. The PIVOT curriculum supports individuation of the parts of self that are stuck in the attachment traumas of our childhood, teen and adult lives. Lori Jean has the rare ability to say what needs to be said with a grace and kindness that provides a safe space for clients’ vulnerability; thus opening their self perception enabling them to make healthier choices and heal over time. She has created revolutionary tools that are individualized by each client supporting their path toward more relational fulfilling lives. This journey with Lori Jean in supporting clients through the PIVOT curriculum also continues to enrich my relational life on a daily basis. I am ever grateful for Lori Jean’s dedication to refining her knowledge and application in relational healing. Her work is truly a gift to the maturing of humanity.

‒ Deb R. - PIVOT Advocate, Glass House Facilitator, C-IAYT, CPC

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