PIVOT Academy

What is the PIVOT Academy?

The PIVOT Academy is our certified training program available for individuals across the U.S. who would like to become a PIVOT Advocate, as well as for clinicians interested in licensing and using our curriculum in your private practice.
The Academy has four levels of participation.

Level One
The PIVOT Experience

You wouldn’t earn a degree without becoming an expert in the syllabus. Similarly, without personally experiencing and embodying the PIVOT curriculum, it’s difficult to implement and communicate the PIVOT Process.

Our core curriculum is introduced and completed by all participants. After individuals complete this experience, you have the option to apply to become a PIVOT Advocate and attend Level Two.

By the way, referents and professionals who have a desire to experience the PIVOT Process and do their own work are most welcome to participate in The PIVOT Experience at Level One.

Level Two
Becoming an Advocate

The second level focuses on becoming a PIVOT Advocate, joining the team, then growing and marketing a PIVOT business. This section encompasses any and all aspects of the business of being a trusted PIVOT Advocate.

Advocates are trained to conduct one-to-one coaching and Personalized PIVOTs for individuals. There is a post-training test and individual supervision before you can become certified as a PIVOT Advocate.

All Advocates engage in weekly ongoing training, webinars, onsite training at Glass House, etc.

Level Three
Becoming a Master Advocate

After a minimum of one year of being a PIVOT Advocate, qualified individuals are invited to a training and selection process to complete the Master Advocate training program.

This training helps you develop master-level skills using the PIVOT Process. Master Advocates have the ability to work at The Glass House, facilitate The PIVOT Experience, speak at conferences and larger audiences, and be an Advocate for more complicated cases.

Level Four
Becoming a Trainer

Finally, this level is for Master Advocates who have been invited by our management to teach others how to become a PIVOT Advocate and participate in facilitating all four levels of training events.

This “Becoming a Trainer” training covers leadership, instructional process (PIVOT style), motivational techniques, as well as other skill sets to effectively train others in the proprietary and proven PIVOT Process.

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