The Importance of Trust in a Relationship

Do you ever get a feeling that something isn’t right in your relationship? You may not know why, but more than likely, it’s because you are lacking trust in your relationship.

If that is the case, then seeking out professional relationship coaches who can help you build trust in a relationship through an intensive workshop or via facetime, may be the right course of action. Read on to learn how to tell if you lack trust in your relationships and why trust is so important.

Signs That You Lack Trust In A Relationship

You may not have trust in your partner if…

  • You feel like you can’t let your guard down in front of your partner.
  • You feel like it’s best to take control and do everything yourself.
  • You secretly watch their social media activity.
  • You are suspicious when he receives a text.
  • You imagine the worst when he doesn’t answer his phone.
  • Or you struggle to ask for what you want.

Can a relationship work without trust? Without trust, it’s difficult for your relationship to grow. Worse still, your relationship may feel chaotic, unpredictable and full of drama.

What Is Trust?

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The relationship between trust and love is a close one. Trust means trusting yourself, your own judgments and trusting others. Trust is the foundation for any relationship. Without it, the relationship will be shaky and will eventually fail. Lack of trust is the main reason relationships fall apart.


Because, if you don’t have trust it means you won’t feel secure that your partner will love you and be loyal to you. After all, trust means you can rely on your partner, can confide in them and feel safe with them.

Why Is Trust Important In A Relationship?

Here are five reasons why trust is important in relationships:

Trust Gives Reassurance

When you trust that your partner loves you no matter what, then you have the reassurance the relationship will survive even if you have arguments or fights. You know your relationship is more robust than a disagreement.

Trust Helps To Heal Hurts

When you get hurt in your relationship, from a misunderstanding, different expectations or unmet needs, trust enables you to heal and forgive.

You Cannot Love Without Trust

Trust is the foundation for your relationship and the key to love. When you trust your partner, then you feel secure that they won’t leave in difficult times. This is the key for love to build and grow.

Trust Helps Overcome Obstacles

When you trust your partner, you know you’re their priority. They have your best interests at heart. When differences or challenges may occur in your relationship, you know that you can overcome the problems together.

Trust Helps You Give Your Partner Room

When you trust your partner, you don’t feel insecure about giving him time or space to do his own thing without you. You’re not suspicious about who he spends time with.

What Does Trust Look Like In A Relationship?

Here’s are some signs that you have trust in your relationship:

  • Open conversations: You are both willing to let your guard down and share your secrets and fears.
  • You are each other’s priority: You both put each other’s needs and interests first. You both show care and consideration with each other.
  • Maintain eye contact: If you can look into each other’s eyes while talking, it shows you both have nothing to hide.
  • Listen actively: If you both listen intently, then it shows love, care, and respect.
  • Physical intimacy: It’s the little things, not sex, that shows how strong the bond is – a gentle kiss, holding hands or hugging.
  • Admitting mistakes: You are both honest about mistakes and don’t cover them up with excuses or explanations.
  • Mingle with family and friends: If you both enjoy mingling with each other’s family and friends, then it shows you both have good intentions.
  • Comfortable and confident: If you are both your authentic selves around each other, then it shows you trust each other.
  • Efficiently resolve conflicts: If you can both work through disagreements in healthy ways, then it shows your relationship is solid.

Is Trust Earned Or Given In A Relationship?

When you have built a stable relationship on trust, you will both be free to be your authentic selves.

But trust must be earned. It takes time. It’s not automatic. And it can’t be demanded. The good news – with effort, trust can be built.  Even if there have been issues with trust in your relationship, you can change and build a trusting, secure connection. The first step is recognizing if you have trust issues in your relationship, and then decide to build trust and improve your life relationship.

Learn How To Build Trust In A Relationship With PIVOT

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Looking for a way to deepen your relationship and resolve trust issues? PIVOT is here to help. Our intensive relationship workshop can provide you with the necessary tools for changing your relationships for the better. In addition to our in-depth five-day retreats, we also offer intensive couples and individual coaching sessions to help you build trust.

Remember, you are worthy of a beautiful, trusting and loving relationship. If you are ready to build deep trust with your partner, then contact us today!

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