Inner Strength: What It Is & How To Build It

There’s no such thing as a strong person or a weak person. We’re all weak and we’re all strong. We all cry and we all smile. No one is universally just one thing and the world and the people in it are not divided into mutually exclusive categories. There’s more to each person than a single trait or a single occurrence of that trait.

However, your inner strength is not something to neglect – it’s something to actively develop. It can help you deal with numerous hardships in life, from personal and professional difficulties to preventing or dealing with relationship avoidance and withdrawal. Inner strength can mean the difference between independence and codependence, personal support and neglect. 

How can you detect and develop your inner strength? What can you do to foster it? How can your inner strength enrich your life? First, take the time to explore what exactly inner strength is, how it manifests itself, and how you can harness its power. 

What Is Inner Strength?

What Is Inner Strength?

Different definitions of inner strength mainly focus on emphasizing self-discipline, resilience, tenacity, assertiveness, and, most of all, courage. However, this kind of categorization is too binary, too exclusive, and far too unfair to all those people who fight to remain on top every single day.  Some individuals with complex trauma in their lives develop what we call survival patterns and often get confused about what inner strength is. 

Inner strength is not simply courage, or tenacity, or fortitude, or any of those buzz words that denote a classically strong person capable of tackling challenges head on without breaking a sweat or personality. No, that’s not what we’re talking about. Not by a mile. 

Inner strength is trying to keep it together when you’re falling apart. Inner strength is dealing with the difficulties of the day and coming back to yourself, partner or family able to pivot. Inner strength is admitting your defeat and asking for help. Inner strength is admitting mistakes and trying to be better for them. 

Most importantly, inner strength is failing and being willing to try again. And again. And again. It’s being brave enough to display your strength as well as your weakness. It’s giving people the best of you as often as you can. 

It’s showing empathy, mindfulness, love, compassion, gratitude, generosity, openness, and a shoulder to rely on. Inner strength is what makes us want to be better human beings, better friends, lovers, partners, and coworkers. It’s what makes the world a better place. 

How Can Inner Strength Help Me?

Inner strength is what keeps you going. Even through tough times. Even through horrible, difficult, unimaginable times. This is how inner strength helps us all – by giving us the will, strength, and desire to go through the challenging moments life throws at us and come out on the other side stronger for having been through them. 

Inner strength also allows you to keep believing in yourself, even when others don’t. And it’s inner strength that gets us through the uncertainty and restlessness that life brings. It helps people deal with everything that they’re going through, especially the tough times. It also helps you share the good things without the fear of being misunderstood. It helps spread kindness and support and care. It helps you be who we are without holding back.

How Do I Develop My Inner Strength?

How Do I Develop My Inner Strength?

Inner strength is not something we are all born with, a badge of honor that separates the weak from the chosen. The mere fact that the term carries the word “strength” in it can cause people to feel bad and ashamed for showing weakness or emotions. 

As explained, inner strength is a lot more than that, and not that at all, and you should never feel anything other than proud for having the willpower for dealing with the tough times in your life. 

However, inner strength is also something you can work on and enhance. Here are some of the strategies you can use to develop your inner strength, especially when you’re not feeling that “strong”:

  • Develop empowering rituals that can help you feel better about yourself during the days you’re feeling down. 
  • Be aware of all the difficult choices you’ve made so far in life and understand that you were strong at various points without even realizing it. 
  • Discover what kind of purpose you want to have in your life and what kind of trace you want to leave with the action you take. 
  • Try not to think in “should’s”, but rather in “can’s”.
  • Don’t be stuck in past situations you falsely find disempowering. Focus on the empowering future that awaits. 
  • Learn more about yourself through professional coaching sessions and break free from negative thought and behavioral patterns.

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If you find yourself unable to break a bad relationship pattern, or if you’re constantly trying to avoid potentially unpleasant situations in your relationship, you could lack the inner strength to tackle those issues head on and transform your romance. Realizing you’re currently unable to take proper action and take matters into your own hands can be very emotionally draining. 

However, don’t despair and don’t surrender to a multitude of negative emotions. You are strong and you are capable. You just might need a little assistance to nudge you in the right direction toward your hidden strength. Luckily, you can always rely on a caring and respectful partner that is always on your side – PIVOT.We are a retreat that organizes different types of workshops designed to help you and your partner successfully navigate the sometimes-difficult moments in your relationship. Our thoughtful and respectful advocates can help you through a restorative and supportive individual workshop or by organizing an understanding and helpful couples workshop. Call us today!

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