What to Know About Love Addiction Treatment

Addicted to love…while these words have been romanticized in song lyrics, the actual condition is anything but romantic. The term “love addict” actually refers to a person who has an unhealthy or dysregulated approach to romantic attachments.

If you struggle with this, you may feel obsessed with love, clingy, or fearful of abandonment. These feelings can be overwhelming and lonely, not to mention challenging for a romantic partner to address. Fortunately, It is possible to break the cycle of self-sabotaging behaviors with love addiction treatment. Many people are confused by the label of love addiction. It doesn’t seem accurate because love isn’t supposed to be hurtful. It is about a deep, unmet longing that drives people to desire a relationship to make the pain go away.

What Love Addiction Treatment Can Do For You
Struggling With:Treatment Focus:
Fear of abandonmentIdentify and heal attachment wounds
Confusion as to why you struggle in relationshipsTrace the roots of your attachment dysregulation and learn about your attachment style
Feeling reactive and jumping to the worst conclusionsDiscover your triggers and identify coping mechanisms to protect yourself
Low self-worthDevelop self-compassion and self-love
Being clingy in relationshipsAcquire tools to help you manage healthier relationships
Emotional dependence on another personBuild up self-trust and self-worth
Unrealistic expectations of relationships and partnersReframe your thinking around romantic relationships and learn to practice gratitude
Negative coping strategies that sabotage your relationshipsReplace negative behaviors with more helpful coping strategies like exercise, meditation, or therapy
An unwillingness to be alone and a need to jump from relationship to relationshipBuild up self-confidence and community. Get involved in activities to stay busy

This list may seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. The point of love addiction treatment is to provide you with support as you learn to analyze your feelings and behaviors and develop healthier ways of relating

Options for Love Addiction Treatment

Typical love addiction treatment options include coaching, psychotherapy, and support groups. Weekly personal coaching using tailored techniques and proven therapeutic approaches can help you begin the process of self-discovery. This may occur in person or in a virtual format.

For faster results, a personalized intensive or love addiction retreat provides a concentrated opportunity to build understanding and compassion for yourself.

What to look for in a love addiction treatment program:

  • Customized treatment plans
  • Established coaches with years of experience
  • A proven, evidence-based treatment method
  • A program that provides high-impact tools to replace negative behavior patterns

Break Free of Toxic Patterns With Love Addiction Treatment From PIVOT

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