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There are no words to adequately express the impact that Pivot has had on my life. When I first started seeing my advocate, I was clinically depressed. My anxiety was completely out of control. Through working with Pivot, I have been able to totally turn my life around for the better. Working with PIVOT has changed my life. I have the tools I need to cope with life and become the best, healthiest version of myself. Choosing to work with Pivot was possibly the best decision I have ever made and I am eternally grateful for them.

Katy O.

My Pivot coach has helped me work on my behavior rather than my thinking. As a person in recovery, my thinking generally gets me in trouble. Pivot is the quintessential “act yourself into right thinking” program. My journey began with a 2-week, intensive treatment to address my life-long relational issues. I have struggled all my life with self-esteem and negative core beliefs. I came to Pivot with abundant avoidant and ambiguous attachment issues. My Pivot coach has remained patient, vigilant, and ever encouraging while we’ve trudged through this new path together. Today I feel more confident, less dissociative, more relational, and more purposeful in my life. Since working with Pivot, I have made progress in my career, my eating habits, my physical wellbeing, my financial stability, and I am successfully back in the dating game with intention to find a life partner. I have never felt more proud of myself and I owe it all to Pivot!

Leah K.

The PIVOT curriculum and coaches have wholeheartedly saved my life. When I started my coaching sessions my life was in shambles and I was starting over. Because of this curriculum I have been able to successfully live my life as a healthy adult. The tools this program has given me have helped me grow personally, professionally, and spiritually over the past year. The investment I have made in myself through PIVOT is invaluable and the best choice I could have made for myself.

Courtney H.

Prior to working with my coach at Pivot. I only knew a life of emotional turmoil. I had low emotional intelligence due to previous experiences of unhealthy relational patterns. I knew a life that consisted of triggers and impulses, which resulted in acting out in ways that were destroying me in all aspects of my life. The curriculum taught me how to understand these patterns and show up in my life as a healthy adult. Through our weekly phone coaching sessions, the model presented to me gave me the incentive to continue to grow and learn ways to love myself through self-care. I learned ways to set boundaries with individuals in my life in order to avoid losing myself at the expense of pleasing others. I now can say that I am able to show up and relate healthy in not only my personal life but also professional life. I am now able to discern healthy vs. unhealthy. I can honestly say that this was the first experience that has enabled me to feel empowered.

Jeannine D.