Tribe – A group of like minded individuals who are
looking to understand themselves and have better

Welcome to PIVOT Tribes, we can’t wait for you to join one of our six-week classes. If you are part of a small group (family, friends, coworkers, etc.), together you can learn how to Pivot into relational health using our unique tools with one of our certified Pivot coaches. Give us a call for more information!

Week 1

Begin to understand yourself as never before from a Whole Perspective

Week 2

Get clarity about all of your relationships by learning and using the Relational Circle Boundaries

Week 3

Do a deep dive into why you do what you do utilizing the unique Pivot Survival Patterns module

Week 4

Introducing your new self - #HealthyAdult Guess what? You are enough

Week 5

Step into Relational Alignment with yourself and others as you learn to Think, Feel and Do in congruence with your Healthy Adult Self

Week 6

Attachment, Recap and Next Steps - developing a personalized plan just for you

Tribe groups are led by trained Pivot coaches who provide education and support for you. When you join a Tribe, your coach is available for check-ins between groups as well.

Six People – Six weeks – $360 per person

Want to join a Tribe? This is your place!! Each class is 90 minutes. Call us!

What others have said about Tribe:

Just completed my first 6wk group tribe session with Jenn. Going into the first wk, I really didn’t know what to expect. I’m normally a very “in-person” kind of person but within the first session, you almost forget that you’re on Zoom. I really enjoyed the connections that were formed in the group and the stories we all shared. I Feel as though the Pivot tribe provided me the opening I needed to start working on the areas of my life I’ve been putting off or feeling stuck in.
‒ Hannah
PIVOT Group was something I really benefited from the last 6 weeks. It was truly something I looked forward to each week. Our tribe really made a close bond in the short amount of time. I enjoyed working on looking at myself from the whole perspective and digging deeper into my survival patterns. Coach Jenn was so punctual, relatable, understanding and overall an amazing leader. I would recommend this group to others who are looking to become more in tune with relational alignment and boundaries. Investing in myself and finding a coach I can continue to meet with was an amazing gift this holiday season.
‒ Amanda Jo-Serrano

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