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Couples/Family Alignment

Every couple and family encounters relational challenges. If you are looking for positive change within your coupleship and/or family unit, we will create a healthy relational structure that is unique to you.

Benefits for Couples

• Determine current challenges in the relationship and create individualized solutions
• Repair and restore relationships that are broken due to poor choices
• Learn to appreciate and value your partner
• Discover and understand relational attachment styles
• Co-create a personalized relational language that is realistic
• Expand and deepen intimacy
• Create an action plan for the couple
• Dissipate and learn to successfully resolve conflict
• Reignite the spark!

Benefits for Families:

• Create effective communication between family members
• Help to create structure and positive actions in the family system
• Implement a healthy family legacy through creating house guidelines
• Learn how to resolve conflict effectively for your family system
• Help “lost” children/family members find their way back
• Identify and intervene on family member/members who may be depressed, out of control, withdrawn, under or over performing

Sessions can be conducted by phone, videoconference, or in person. Sessions vary in time depending on client needs.

One-day intensives are available and can be conducted in the comfort of your home. Intensive lengths vary depending on the couple or family needs. Follow up sessions are available upon request.

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