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Personalized PIVOT

A Personalized PIVOT is a one and/or two-day intensive for either individuals, couples, or families who are interested in resolving relational challenges swiftly with high impact solutions.

These intensives are designed for you to understand what is happening as it relates to you personally, achieve an immediate shift in behavior, and get a specific plan of action to move forward – this is where the name Personalized PIVOT comes from!

If you find it hard to set aside family and work commitments and break away from your life to attend a 5-day intensive at The Glass House, this format is designed specifically for you.

We design the intensives to specifically address your individualized needs and get immediate results.

How many times in your life has a situation presented itself that feels destabilizing and affects your relationships? Typically, resolving conflict or misunderstandings can take a long time and put a strain on your everyday life as you attempt to move through the feelings.

Why choose a Personalized PIVOT?

  • Time is limited and you want results NOW
  • Can’t get away from your day to day obligations and distractions for a longer program
  • You prefer an intensive setting for learning
  • There is a relational crisis that needs immediate attention
  • Confidential and private setting
  • Customized curriculum and program to address your wants and needs

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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