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PIVOT from fantasy to reality, confusion to clarity and isolation to connection.

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When our mind thinks in alignment with how our heart feels and we have the courage to take proper actions with our feet, we have achieved a verticality that is honest, ethical, and authentic to who we are.

Lori Jean Glass

Who we are

We, at PIVOT, are advocates that consist of therapists and coaches all over the United States who have received certification in The PIVOT Process.

Lori Jean Glass founded the company, PIVOT. In an effort to facilitate relational change with her clients, she created a curriculum and an engagement system that has been helping others establish and maintain meaningful and authentic connections.

Our commitment to passionately show up to help our clients is the catalyst to our willingness to be advocates for the greater good in all relationships. When we connect you with an advocate, we take into consideration your requested wants and needs.

Every client has an introductory call to assure that they feel comfortable with the assigned advocate. Trust is instilled. Being seen and heard is honored. And, your advocate will work collaboratively with all parties concerned to give you a profound relational shift.

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